If you’ve arrived here, it’s no mistake. There’s a reason for it – call it fate, call it destiny, call it kismet.

Or perhaps it’s simple random chance. If you don’t believe in destiny, there’s still a reason you’re here.

Maybe you’re looking for SEO or web design or web development. Maybe you just want to learn about these subjects. Or it’s possible you stumbled in on a Google search on unrelated keywords.

Well hey, whatever the case may be, you’re in luck!


You see this blog offers a bit of everything. While Webcore is a company centered around web development, design, SEO and ecommerce, we talk about lots of other things as well including being an entrepreneur, working from anywhere and living the life of your dreams. Some blog posts are just about having a positive mental attitude and success in general.

But if you have a business or want to build a business – we can help!

We love partnering with fellow entrepreneurs to help them grow and increase revenue.


We’re based in little know Mendon, Ohio – which is right near St. Marys except even moreso out in the Styx. We say we’re in the Lima area, which is true, but it’s also easier for those who don’t know the region. Lima is the biggest town around, with a population of just under 40,000 people.

We have clients from small to large, and the profile runs the gamut from sole proprieters to huge industrial firms. We do everything from simple web updates (i.e. text and graphic changes) to entire custom web development builds.

Of course this also entails internet marketing, social networking, content creation and everything else that goes along with what is generally called “SEO” (i.e. Search Engine Optimization).

We manage Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google Plus pages, heck, even LinkedIn profiles. (And LinkedIn is a very under-utilized social network that can be very powerful if used properly!)


We service other towns in the area as well including (but not limited to) Celina, St. Marys, Wapakoneta, Sidney, Piqua, Troy, Bellefontaine, Delphos, Van Wert, Bluffton, Findlay, and New Bremen.

We love to consult with companies about their internet presence and help them along their path. We have helped grow revenue for several clients and would love to talk to you about your next project!


We believe this. That’s why we treat our clients like family and our clients’ clients like gold.

So hit us up today and find out what we can do for you. After all, we use the “Getting Naked” method and start consulting before you even pay us. You can’t beat free advice!