Hey, what’s up!

My name is John Monahan and I started out WebCore Internet Solutions in 2013. I designed it with SEO in mind as the primary way for local businesses to gain more prominence and get more business.

I noticed so many companies using their websites as an afterthought, slapping something together quickly and not ever updating it.

I totally understand this though. You have a company and you’re busy running it. You’re working your butt off and you don’t have time to update your website, much less spend a couple grand creating it.

However, as the world gets smaller and smaller (i.e. closer and closer together through technology), the bigger companies are more able to drive out the small, local companies. Most people can buy goods off of Amazon and have them shipped to their door in just 2 days. (And Amazon plans on getting that time down to hours)

Not only that, but people have so many options for buying online. It’s very hard to compete with the big boys on their own playing field.

But you can turn the table. If you have a small business, you have a huge advantage over the big guys in many ways. It’s just about turning your weaknesses into strengths – especially in a smaller town.


Wapakoneta, Ohio – such a charming town!

I recently moved to Wapakoneta, Ohio – a town of about 10,000. Many local businesses don’t even have a website. In 2015!

One shop owner I know only has a yellowpage.com listing for his business. Sure, he can be found online, but as we get more and more tech savvy and the next generation basically grows up on smartphones, he just might be left in the dust.

I feel so dumb even saying this, but most people are searching for stuff on Google and Yelp now, not in their phonebook.

It would be SO EASY for that shop owner to turn things around and “get right” in the online world.

You can create a WordPress site with a nice theme very quickly. Slap a logo on your site, write up some quick “about us” text, and add a contact form. Bam. Done.

And WordPress is so easily indexable by Google that you would quickly be found online. You most likely would rank high for a local search in your specific industry. For instance if you own a photo studio in a small town, you might be #2 or #3 in the search results for “photo studio Wapakoneta”. (Maybe even #1 with some SEO tricks and great, keyword-rich content.)

It doesn’t take much in most cases to get a lot by doing a little.

And that simple website will pay dividends for YEARS into the future.

So start today.