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The Coolest Stuff Ever and Affiliate Sites

The Coolest Stuff Ever (tCSE) is a little site we made up a while ago. It’s meant to give people something fun to do when they’re bored. It’s where we go to blow off a little steam and do something different than coding and designing sites all day! It’s an affiliate site mainly. That is, we get a tiny cut of many of the items that sell on tCSE. Many of the cool products are available for sale at places like Amazon, ThinkGeek or some other 3rd party... read more

Web Design in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Webcore is based in Wapakoneta, Ohio and has been serving the area with web design and web development since 2013! Webcore is proud to be deeply integrated in the Wapakoneta community. We love our beautiful town, truly a somewhat hidden gem in West-Central Ohio! If you’ve not been to Wapakoneta, or not spent a lot of time, it’s worth it to come check it out. We have the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, a shining “moon” that can be seen from... read more

Master Your Money, Or It Will Master You

“What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” Bob Dylan Life isn’t about being a millionaire. Sure, if that’s what you want, you can get there. But it’s about so much more (or … less) than that. It’s about figuring out what will TRULY make you happy. It’s about about helping you figure our your life’s dreams and then getting... read more

Leave Your Comfort Zone And Go On An Adventure Today

What are you waiting for? If you’re not working towards your dreams and goals, then what are you doing? Life is tough, I know. You might work 40+ hours, you might have kids and all sorts of responsibilities. But if you’re not where you want to be you should be working towards it. We’ve talked before about figuring out what you want to do. You can imagine you’re rich and have all the time and money in the world, then work backwards from... read more

How To Lose 100 Pounds, Quit Smoking, Or Find Your Dream Job: Get Some Hate On!

Losing weight is difficult. Keeping it off is also a challenge. I know, I’ve been there. My whole life I’ve struggled with weight issues. I was a fat kid most of my school days,  got skinny in high school and then slowly let myself get fat again in my 20s. I allowed myself to balloon up to almost 300 pounds. Then I decided to make a big change: I quit smoking cold turkey and turned my health around. I attacked my weight with a fervor and got back to around 180... read more

How To Start On Your Path To Freedom!

What does freedom mean to you? Does it mean working from a beach? Sitting on a lounge chair sipping a mai tai in the sun? How about the ability to see your family and friends as often as possible? Maybe you’d like to travel a lot, spending a few weeks here or a month there? Maybe you’d like to write or give speaking engagements or paint or cook for a living. Or enter your own ideal thing here. (Or in the comments below!) Well guess... read more

How To Fight Depression: Just Start Climbing

It’s so easy to slide into negativity. Life can be going great, you’re rocking it out, bitchslapping problems like nobody’s business, attacking your goals with a fervor. And then all of a sudden you get turned around and the world seems like a difficult, nasty place and you wonder how you ever felt so alive and positive before. Depression sets in and even the simplest of tasks seems like a chore and you just want to crawl in a corner for a few... read more

Simplify Your Life By Getting Rid Of Crap

Simplifying your life is about much more than the physical stuff that clutters your space. Simplifying your life is about ALL the crap you don’t need. A new car. That huge cable TV or dish package that costs over a hundred bucks. Your subscription to that magazine you hardly ever read. The annual dues you pay to the gym that you go to for a month out of the year (if that). There’s all this stuff in our lives that we pay for that we simply DON’T... read more

How You Can Start Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking

Are you nervous speaking in front of people? It’s ok, you can learn to be an awesome public speaker! Trust me, I’m an introvert who figured it out. Ok, maybe I’m not AWESOME at it, but I’m good at it, or at least passable. More importantly, I don’t mind it anymore and actually look forward to giving a presentation. So how does an introvert who used to be scared shitless of public speaking become confident and grow to love it? That, my friends, is a long... read more

Use Zen Buddhism Minimalism To Simplify Your Life And Achieve More

Getting rid of stuff and decluttering you life is an awesome thing to do. You immediately start to feel less stress and more inner peace. It’s a very freeing thing once you declutter. There’s a deep connection between our living space/work space and our state of mind. That’s why it’s nice to clear your work area every so often. Have you ever cleaned up your work area, gotten rid of junk and organized your papers and everything and just felt better about... read more

No Time For a Website? Let Webcore Help!

Webcore is all about helping your business grow using the Internet. You’re busy running your business, focusing on all the details that are needed to keep it going smoothly. And there’s a ton to think about when it comes to the online world. There’s your website first and foremost, and you could be blogging or adding content to your site. Do you want to sell online? Where do you start? What about a Facebook page and updating it routinely? Then of course you’d like to get traffic to your... read more

Mondays Suck – How To Break Through The Fog And Start Producing

Mondays suck. There’s no getting around that. Even if you have the best job in the world and love it 95% of the time, Mondays typically suck. I love my job. I love working freelance and being able to pick most of the projects I want to work on. I love the freedom of being able to work wherever, whenever. But after a fun-filled weekend, Monday is TOUGH. Sometimes even this doesn’t help at all. On Monday I’m usually slow, lethargic, I feel like don’t want to do... read more

How To Know If You Should Start Your Own Business

Should you work for someone else or be your own boss? That, my friend, is a tough question to answer and it depends on both your personality and the stage of your life. Early on in life it might make more sense to work for someone else. You can learn a ton from the company you’re working for and you’re sort of building your own platform, your own paradigm, as well as adding to your toolset as you go. You have safety and... read more

Work Your Passion – And Pizza For No Reason

Webcore is a business about web development and marketing. But we’re a business that’s focused on helping people make the most out of life. We can all use technology to help do things faster, better and more efficiently, so why not? Why do we have to spend 8-10 hours a day working, away from our loved ones most of the time. What if, instead, we worked 6 hours a day during the week and maybe a couple hours here and there on the... read more

Finding Your Niche: Why You Don’t Need Webcore

“You don’t need my business, you should try this other guy.” What!? What if you told people they didn’t need your business? Would you do that? Most businesses would never tell you why you don’t need them. It sounds crazy at first – why wouldn’t you want all the business you can get!? Most people use the “take all they can get” mentality. But really, it’s good to filter the wheat from the chaff. It’s good to get connected to your perfect... read more

Baby Steps To Climb That Mountain Of A Goal

What are you doing TODAY to live your dreams? Too often we put off until tomorrow stuff we should be doing today. I know … I’m guilty of it too. Sometimes that big thing we’re trying to get done seems like a mountain. It’s hard to even figure out how to start doing anything. So we just put it off and do something else. But you’re never going to get to the top of that mountain until you start climbing. You’ve just got to take a single step up that... read more

Working & Playing: It’s All the Same

(This was written a while back but never posted… until now 😄) Here I am at 10,000 feet, writing on my Macbook Pro. I have some time to kill, so I am “working”. Except it’s pretty difficult to work when you’re on a plane. Your arms are squished in at weird angles and there’s not enough room to open the top of your laptop all the way. A few years ago when I jumped ship from a good job to go freelance, I never thought I’d be working from a... read more

How To Get Out Of Debt … With Baby Steps

We’ve talked before about how simplifying life and reducing clutter can lead to more freedom, less stress and all sorts of awesomeness. How debt is a burden around your neck that keeps you from living the lifestyle of your dreams. It’s true… but how do you get to financial freedom? How do you live a frugal life and reduce your debt? where do you even start? Well, it can actually be pretty simple. I owe a lot to the Dave Ramsey... read more


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