The Coolest Stuff Ever (tCSE) is a little site we made up a while ago. It’s meant to give people something fun to do when they’re bored. It’s where we go to blow off a little steam and do something different than coding and designing sites all day!

It’s an affiliate site mainly. That is, we get a tiny cut of many of the items that sell on tCSE. Many of the cool products are available for sale at places like Amazon, ThinkGeek or some other 3rd party affiliate.

Here’s the really cool thing… you can do this too! That’s right, you can make money by creating your very own affiliate site.

First you need to think up a niche. Dig down deep and think about what it is you like to do. Maybe you like to fly remote control airplanes. Perfect!

Odds are so do thousands of other people, and you could write and talk about them on your website. You could give people lots of valuable content on your site and then link out to affiliate products that those people actually find cool and useful.

You profit and they get value out of it too. It’s win-win!

There’s a lot that goes into making an affiliate site, but it’s pretty easy to get started. If it’s something you want to get into and have questions, hit us up.