Finding The Gold Nuggets In SEO: Keywords

Every business would love to rank first in Google for their keywords. More traffic equals more money, right?

There’s a lot of problems with this. First, it’s not that simple. You can’t just increase your ranking for any keyword. For example, “burlap bags” is a term with a huge amount of competition. Even with all the resources and time in the world, you still might not be competitive and on the first page of the search results.

So what we do is intensely scrutinize what keywords your business should go after. We often find gold nuggets that are really nice to go after – keywords that can lead to quality traffic once we end up ranking for them.

There is no magic in SEO. Sure, it’s a little arcane, but we know this stuff. We don’t use ANY blackhat techniques. Google has laid down the law on that over the last few years, so nothing risky will be done for your website. We believe that quality, compelling content, an excellent user experience and a great social strategy equate to awesome SEO results.

And awesome SEO results can increase your internet business many times over.

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