Do you want more leads? More sales? Then you need Content Marketing!

Content Marketing is the best way to bring traffic to your site. Traffic = more eyeballs = more sales.

Great content on your site is the best way to not only bring in traffic (Google loves it) but also the best way to convert those eyeballs into customers.

Compelling copy can lead someone from clicking a link, to reading a page, to converting into whatever goal you want. (This could be buying something, or signing up for a newsletter, or joining your cause.)

Content Marketing in the past has been called SEO. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ – but really it’s the art of getting your site ranked high in the search engines for traget keywords.

SEO is also known as “organic traffic”, that is, it’s all free, unpaid traffic from places like Google and Bing.

And we are experts at bringing in more organic traffic to your site. Do you want to be listed on the first page of results? We can do that for keywords relevant to your industry and it’s all 100% white hat. (By white hat, we mean all on the up-and-up – we don’t do anything to your site that the search engines won’t like.)

Most other companies price their packages starting out at $250 per month or over $1000! (And that’s on the low end!) We believe that great SEO doesn’t have to be expensive. We keep prices down by focusing on one or two keywords at a time. Focus is huge – and we do extensive keyword research up front to make sure that we’re targeting the best possible keywords.

$599 SEO Powerwash

We scrub your site and make sure it has everything it needs for search ranking success. This alone can get your site ranked on the first page of Google for some great keywords!

The SEO powerwash includes:

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Comprehensive Site Evaluation
  • Custom Meta Data
  • Tweaking Of Site Content (Includes Minor Content Creation)
  • Creation Of Related Social Profiles (i.e. Google+, Google Local, Facebook, etc.)
  • Google Sitemap and Submission to Search Engines
  • Google Local and Bing Local Setup and Optimization
  • Website Landing Page For Your Locality
  • Setup of a Blog or other Content Area
  • Monthly Content Creation: Keyword-Rich Text Targeted Towards Your Audience
  • And Much More!


$199 Local Add-on

For those interested in ranking for their locality, such as restaurants or other local services. We create one website landing page for your desired locality, setup and optimize your Google+ Local and Bing Local pages as well as scrub the entire site to include your desired location.


$149/month “Keep It Up!” SEO Package

Our standard package is great, but if you want to continue climbing up the rankings you’ll need an ongoing SEO campaign.

This includes ongoing search engine optimization work each and every month. We’ll do anything and everything including content creation, backlinking, keyword research, additional localities, further changes and additions to your site and more. We do at least two 300+ word blog posts per month (sometimes we’ll combine these and create one awesome 600+ word article).

We constantly review your site and where you stand with the target keywords. Monthly reports are always available.



Why Do We Suggest the “Keep It Up!” Package?

Well, content is king in the realm of SEO. Quality content geared toward people is what is driving SEO results these days.The bonus is that quality content is also what drives people to buy your products. And Google LOVES it when your site keeps putting out a bunch of great content that related to your industry.

About Our Content

So we create awesome, well researched, well thought out content that is based around the keywords you want to rank for. Our authors are top notch and quite frankly, the content we create can’t be matched by most other SEO companies. The content we create usually in the form of an article or blog post, but it can be anything and of any length.


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