Having a modern website is crucial to your business. It is the cheapest, quickest, most effective way to create or grow your business.

In observations of many local businesses, some companies either had an out of date website or no website at all.

So…why have a great website?


1. You have more credibility.

As people become more and more accustomed to the Internet, they expect you to have a modern website. If someone searches for your company on Google, it doesn’t look good if you’re not listed #1 (or at least on the first page of results).


2. Your website is always on.

You can be found 24/7 online. Your contact form is always working so people can communicate with you at their leisure and you can respond back at yours.


3. A website is the cheapest form of advertising (and it’s always on)

Compare the cost of a website to that of a billboard or radio or TV ad. You’d be able to get a website for the cost of renting a billboard for one month. Radio and TV can be even more expensive.


4. A website is lasting

Unlike other forms of advertising which are ephemeral, your website can reap dividends for YEARS into the future. Pay for it once, let it work for you for several years.


5. Well-made, Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d), mobile-friendly site can be the #1 tool in your arsenal for acquiring new leads.

Customers will be able to find your site anytime, anywhere, from any device – at no further cost to you. Google will bring you free leads at all hours of the day.


 6. A website can be the primary platform for communicating with customers

People can memorize a website address much more easily than a phone number. They’ll know how to find you. And you can publish specials, discounts and other new services to your client base (via a blog, email newsletters, or social networks).


 7. A website helps you scale

A website instantly increases your geographic range. If you sell physical goods, you can easily sell online to (almost) anyone, (almost) anywhere. Even location-dependent businesses (i.e. hairdressers, bars, restaurants, etc.) can benefit by having more people in their area able to see what you do and how you do it.



Spending some time and money on your website is the most effective way to help your business.

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