“You don’t need my business, you should try this other guy.”


What if you told people they didn’t need your business? Would you do that?

Most businesses would never tell you why you don’t need them. It sounds crazy at first – why wouldn’t you want all the business you can get!? Most people use the “take all they can get” mentality.

But really, it’s good to filter the wheat from the chaff. It’s good to get connected to your perfect client. And it’s good for the client too.

You don’t want to sell a client on something you can’t deliver. The scope of the project might be so large that a smaller company can’t do it right. Or the opposite, a large company might overlook some of the details that a smaller company could nail perfectly.

It’s all about finding your niche.

Webcore is a small web development and design company that does internet and content marketing. But what does that really mean? Lets break it down into layman’s terms.

Webcore helps out the small business owner that doesn’t know very much about marketing online.

Webcore is a good fit for a company that is trying to grow or start their business.

We wouldn’t be a great fit for a business that’s already doing tons of sales online. Sure, we could help that company by doing some content marketing or tweaking their ecommerce site, but that’s not our core ability. And it’s good to stick to what you’re best at.

We are great at creating awesome looking WordPress websites from scratch. Websites that are fluid, responsive for mobile devices and are easy to manage (either by you or us).

We help you determine your identity and how to best portray that on the Internet. This could include designing or revamping a logo. It almost always entails creating tons of awesome content around your niche.

We research, in total depth, your business and your industry. We ask questions like, “what exactly do you do and how do you do it? What products do you offer? What does the competition offer and how do you surpass them? What is your unique selling proposition (USP) and how do we relate that to people on your website?”

All of these things, and more, are thought about as we lay out your website and create content for it.

We design a website for you that is optimized for search engines to index (i.e. SEO optimization). But more importantly, there needs to be great content throughout the site that informs, entertains, and most importantly moves people towards the target. That target can be getting them to buy something, getting them to join an email list, or otherwise joining your cause. But everything on the site is tailored around that outcome.

A ton of time is spent on crafting this custom content. Usually there are a few pages made around your core features and then several blog posts that are more general topics about your industry and services. The goal is to inform people about everything you have to offer and to give them value. They may not be customers on the first visit, but if we can give them value and inform them, they will likely come back. And when they come back they are much more likely to become a customer.

We do not just create a simple website and slap something together. Too often, web designers create a beautiful looking site with thin content that doesn’t really serve the purpose of getting people to buy.

Webcore makes sure you get what you need to achieve success online.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a large scale project with tons of custom web development, Webcore might not be the right fit. Yes, we have experienced web developers that can dig into the backend of CMS’s like WordPress and Drupal, but it’s not really our core thing.

It’s good to stick to your core thing – in any business. Once you start getting away from that, things can fall apart. Focus is good, you need to have it. Did you know that FOCUS can also be an acronym for “Follow One Course Until Success“?

So we try not to take on larger website development projects that don’t reflect our core values. We can, however,  talk with partners and point you in the right direction. We’ll find someone who is a better fit for you.

But even if you’re not a perfect fit together, we can still help you. We will give you advice and let you know what you need and how to get there.

Hopefully this has been an useful post and not too heavy-handed. It’s a bit different than some of our usual fare and more in-depth about what we do. Maybe that’s a good thing? Please let us know in the comments what you think – it would be most appreciated!