Webcore is based in Wapakoneta, Ohio and has been serving the area with web design and web development since 2013!

Webcore is proud to be deeply integrated in the Wapakoneta community. We love our beautiful town, truly a somewhat hidden gem in West-Central Ohio!

If you’ve not been to Wapakoneta, or not spent a lot of time, it’s worth it to come check it out.

We have the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, a shining “moon” that can be seen from I-75. It’s a fantastic repository of Ohio’s aeronautical history and a monument to Ohio’s contribution to aviation and space exploration. It’s also a great tribute to Wapakonetian, Neil Armstrong.


The Armstrong Museum at night

Wapakoneta also has the Temple of Tolerance / Rock Garden. It’s a huge garden of rocks and historical treasures that’s 100% free to the public. There’s nothing else like it!


A winding path through the rock garden

Wapakoneta (sometimes shortened just to “Wapak”) is a very friendly town with low crime and a beautiful downtown district.

Come and spend a day – you won’t be disappointed!

Webcore is a proud member of the Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce and serves many organizations in the city. If you’re looking for web design or web development in Wapakoneta, Ohio, drop us a line – we’d love to help!