Do you have a water damaged iPhone or Samsung phone? We can take a look. Water damage is very difficult to repair, but in some cases phones can be salvaged.

What to do if your phone was dropped in water

Immediately turn your phone off. On iPhone hold the power button and slide to power off. On Samsung/LG/Motorola or other Android phones hold power and then tap power off.

Now quickly get it to us as soon as you can. We have dry bags with silica that can remove moisture. This takes time and we recommend leaving it overnight for about 24 hours.

Water can be the most damaging to any electronic devices, especially smart phones. If you have the ability, you can also open up your cell phone and use a hair dryer to dry the water up. You will still likely want to use a dry bag to suck up the remaining moisture. If mobile phones are left with ANY amount of water in them, it can eat away at the components and/or short them out.

Water damage cannot always be repaired. If you have highly important data that you want to recover it can be sent to specialists, but it’s usually not cheap. That’s why it’s important to IMMEDIATELY turn the phone off and get it in a dry bag to get the water out quickly.

In some cases you can send your phone out to specialists who charge a good amount to recover data. There are some shops that do that but it requires special equipment and possibly microsoldering. We have a good relationship with just such a repair shop if you ever are in need, just let us know and we can give your their contact info or we can handle it for you.

Let’s talk about the rice thing. First off, rice isn’t a great option. It’s sort of a myth that rice helps you dry out your phone. At least, it’s somewhat true but it doesn’t work the best and there are possible side effects.

While rice can help dry out your phone somewhat, it takes longer than if it was in a dry bag. And all that time water is in your mobile phone it’s eating away at the components. Not a good thing for your mobile device.

Also, rice has a lot of particles in it that can get into your phone. All that dust can negatively impact your iPhone or Android phone.

Some people swear by rice, but our extensive research leads us to believe that it’s not a great option. Now, if it’s the only thing at your disposal, go for it. But it’s best to have some desiccants that suck the moisture out of the phone.

So summing up and recapping…. if you drop your phone in water:

  1. Immediately turn it off
  2. Open it up if you can and apply hair dryer
  3. Get it in a dry bag ASAP (or get it to us if you don’t have one)

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