iPhone Screen Repair Specialists in Lima, Ohio

We are your iPhone screen repair specialists in Lima, Ohio! We have iPhone screens in stock and can do expert repairs in about an hour. From iPhone 5 on up to the latest iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, we can do it – and everything in between! Yes, even the older iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c can be repaired at a low cost. We do out best to keep repairs as inexpensive for you as possible to keep those older phones... read more

Mobile Phone Repair in Lima, Ohio

We offer quick and expert mobile phone repair to the Lima, Ohio area! Limaland, if you need an expert opinion on your cell phone, look no further! We offer iPhone repair, Samsung repair and more. Whether you have an older phone or the latest model, we can fix it. Offering repair on all Android mobile phone models including LG phones, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google Pixel and more. We also work on cracked iPad screens and other tablets. To be quite honest, other than iPads, it may not be worth it to repair the screen on Android or Kindle fire... read more

What to do with a water damaged mobile phone

Do you have a water damaged iPhone or Samsung phone? We can take a look. Water damage is very difficult to repair, but in some cases phones can be salvaged. What to do if your phone was dropped in water Immediately turn your phone off. On iPhone hold the power button and slide to power off. On Samsung/LG/Motorola or other Android phones hold power and then tap power off. Now quickly get it to us as soon as you can. We have dry bags with silica that can remove... read more

iPhone 7 Screen Repair

Are you looking for iPhone 7 screen replacement? You’ve come to the right place. We service Wapakoneta, Ohio and surrounding locations such as Lima, St. Marys, Celina, Piqua and Sidney. We offer screen repair and battery replacement for all models of iPhone. We also repair iPad screens and android phones, mainly Samsung S5-Samsung S9 series. Price is much cheaper than you can get at Apple and even cheaper than most other repair shops. We can do a repair in about an hour... read more

How to add a Divi Builder item to a theme via code

Alright, so here’s how to do a cool thing! More specifically – here’s how to add any Divi library item to your code! You might have run into this problem… you have a Divi library item (a Divi Builder item) and you wnat to place it somewhere that Divi Builder doesn’t let you. Like the header or footer for instance. Well there’s a really easy way to do that, thankfully! First of all, we need to go to the Dashboard and then Divi -> Divi Library: We need to get the post ID of that... read more

How To Change the Search in a WordPress Site with Divi Theme to Use WooCommerce Search

Are you using the Divi theme in WordPress? Do you need to get the default search to include nicely themed WooCommerce products? If yes, then you’re at the right place! Here’s our problem: while the search does include WooCommerce products, they’re kind of themed to look like a regular blog post. Like this: We wanted it to look like the standard WooCommerce search that you can use in a widget on the sidebar or something, like this:   So, the way to do it is to simply add a form... read more


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