Auglaize County Historical Society

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The Auglaize County Historical Society (ACHS) is a cultural institution that, in their words, “collects, preserves, interprets, and shares the history of Auglaize County and its people through exhibits, programs, and publications.”

Webcore was tasked with cleaning up the site and making a new design. We went for clean & sleek, and a look that’s modern but with a nod to the past. The end result is a site that’s straightforward and easily navigable.

The sidebar focuses on one thing only: the Facebook feed. Facebook is an easy way for the ACHS to manage and post interesting historical nuggets on a timely basis. Yes, WordPress can offer quick updates as well, but there’s really nothing like Facebook as far as getting information in front of people quickly, having it liked and shared and seen by lots of people.

All in all, we’re quite proud of the site and happy to help such a fine institution!

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January 25, 2017