If you have an iPad 3G and want to check your data usage, this might be a little frustrating. AT&T apparently doesn’t treat the iPad as a real account since it’s just data and not really a phone. So if you try to log into the website or follow any other instructions you get the runaround.

There is no way (that I know of or was able to find out) to log into AT&T’s site to check your iPad 3G data usage. They also have an iOS app called myAT&T, but I was unable to log in to it (probably for the same reason you can’t log into the site).

Here’s the very simple solution that I can’t believe I didn’t see anywhere else or notice on my own:

In your iPad’s Settings app, go to General, then Usage. BAM – there it is, your sent and received cellular data used.

Very cool of Apple to build it into the settings, but just wish that it was mentioned SOMEWHERE along the line by AT&T when setting it up or in their introductory email.

(Does this work for Verizon as well on the iPad 2? One would think so…)