It’s so easy to slide into negativity.

Life can be going great, you’re rocking it out, bitchslapping problems like nobody’s business, attacking your goals with a fervor.

And then all of a sudden you get turned around and the world seems like a difficult, nasty place and you wonder how you ever felt so alive and positive before. Depression sets in and even the simplest of tasks seems like a chore and you just want to crawl in a corner for a few years.

We talk a lot about positivity on this site, about how you can affect change and create the destiny you want in this life. And it’s true, but there are some days (or weeks, or months) where you get so down you don’t know how to climb out.

The truth is there’s no easy solution. The “good times” and sunny skies aren’t going to come to you magically.

You have to earn them.

There’s this weird ‘law’ in life, if you want to call it that. Once you start to get after something, once you set the wheels in motion then good things start to happen.

But the good things aren’t going to come to you when you’re sitting on the couch.

No matter how painful it is, no matter how difficult it might feel to start doing things, just START DOING THEM. Start with the little things if you want to, sometimes that can get you on a roll.

But you have to just start.

Do something.


The mountain of a problem laying before you might seem insurmountable at first. You see that mountain from miles away and you think you could never conquer it. But once you start hiking up it, you begin to see that it’s not so difficult.

Sure it’ll take time. You have to go slowly and take breaks. You can’t just climb straight up that mountain.  There are rivers and crevasses and all sorts of obstacles.


But the beauty of it is that THAT’S WHERE LIFE HAPPENS. The journey up the mountain is where you find all the cool shit in life. And it’s by doing it that we are empowered and rewarded.

You may not know exactly how you’re going to get up that mountain, but you have to just do it. Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It” is so simple, but it has survived for decades because it’s so universally and fundamentally true.


And once you start climbing you’ll feel better. The universe sort of rewards you once you start. Energy begets energy. The world favors the bold.

It might sound like a bunch of hooha, but it’s true. Maybe it’s simply a psychological thing, that we need some forward movement in our lives for our brains and body to work properly. The human brain needs new input, new connections and you can only get that by sitting on the couch watching TV for so long.

“Just climbing” is the solution to a lot of people’s depression. I know it helps me out.

So get out there and start climbing!