Becker Windmills

Becker Windmills is a fantastic company that makes high quality, beautiful windmills. They offer a wide variety of aeration products to help people maintain healthy and beautiful ponds.

Webcore was tasked with creating a unified vision for Becker Windmills’ online presence. It was in conjunction with their sister company, MuckSuckers. Both companies work together to offer everything needed for both residential and commercial pond owners.

A ton of research was involved up front to spell out to customers just what it takes to aerate and maintain a pond. At Webcore, we believe it all starts with content. Great content that is presented in an attractive way is what ultimately sells people on a product.

Having a great design is nice, but it’s only part of the puzzle. And having a great design but little or no content (or crappy content) won’t lead a potential customer from entering your website to converting them to a sale.

So we focused on the content for both of their websites. A ton of informative articles were produced to help people learn about why their ponds were (for instance) growing algae year after year despite dumping in tons of chemicals. We wrote about how aeration is the solution, and how to properly aerate your pond. (Hint: in short the answer is a powerful windmill that send oxygen into the bottom of your pond which bubbles up to the surface, thereby churning the entire volume of water and eliminating stratification.)

The result was a pretty, easy to navigate website that informs the user.

Look next for an update to Becker Windmills that adds ecommerce functionality through the awesome WooCommerce plugin! [Update – the ecommerce store is live!]


Company: Becker Windmills





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August 24, 2015