United Way of Auglaize County

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United Way of Auglaize County

Webcore has a long history of partnering with charity groups. This is why we were thrilled to help when the United Way of Auglaize County asked if we could help with a website!

We feel that it’s a calling to help the local community however we can. Give back as much as you can, because like the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”. Karma comes back around to you for sure.

Anyway, getting back to the project… United Way of Auglaize County had a lot of content on their old website but it all needed organized with a streamlined presentation and tidy interface.

As per usual, we opted to use the twin towers known as WordPress and Divi to tackle this project! The logo already existed, along with a color scheme, so off we went to scour the countryside (err world wide web) for examples and inspiration.

Borrowing elements from various United Way agencies across the USA, we came up with something that is simple, elegant and intuitive. We always try to find that balance between simplicity and those eye-catching elements that keep users coming back to the website for more.

We also built in a nice donation feature that ties into PayPal. People can easily donate once or set up a recurring donation in just a few clicks. (Maybe you will check this out and donate a couple bucks to a worthy cause?)

All in all, we are thankful and privileged to be able to work on a website like this!

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October 12, 2020