A friend was starting up a BBQ joint and asked me to help build his dream. Of course, I was more than happy to assist!

The end result I think will be a smashing endorsement and showcase of his business. The video was not shot by me, but it sets the stage for the whole website.

Menus on websites have long been a usability problem for end-users. I looked at various options and made something that I think is easy on the eyes and good for SEO. Thankfully, Divi makes it easy to update things like a menu so as he changes it, we can quickly adapt the website.

I was allowed to hone my writing chops even more on this assignment and I think I was able to reflect the attitude of his place. (Hint: a bit of sassyness and maybe just a little ‘in your face’, hopefully not overly so!).

Company/Entity: Yankee BBQ





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November 19, 2019