We do search engine optimization (SEO) in West-central Ohio.

West-central Ohio is that part of the state not really defined by any geographical region or city in particular.

This generally refers to the mostly rural area that is in between the major cities of Toledo (we’re south of there), Columbus (we’re west of there) and Dayton (we’re north of there). There’s really no lines delineating the area, but some of the main cities in West-central Ohio include:

Lima (the largest city in the region), Findlay, Celina, St. Marys, Wapakoneta, Sidney, Piqua, Troy, Minster, New Bremen, St. Henry, Coldwater, Van Wert, Bluffton, Ada, Greenville and more.


We do SEO for clients in many of these Ohio towns. That is, we help their sites perform better in the search rankings. This gives them more exposure, gets more people clicking through to their sites with the ultimate goal of getting them more sales, conversions, or simply more eyeballs checking out what they have to offer.

Our SEO involves doing lots of different things that might seem like magic to to the uninitiated. But really, it’s a careful craft that is both technical and creative.

We go over your site (or build you a new one) and make sure that it is 100% ready for search engines to love it and give it a high ranking. (This is called “On-site SEO”)

Kewpee Hamburgers, downtown Lima, Ohio

A Lima tradition – the great Kewpee Hamburgers. If you stop by town, make sure to get a “special”. These burgers melt in your mouth and seem like they have the absolute freshest ingredients!

We create awesome content for your site that is both keyword-rich and compelling to the end-user. This is content that will knock their socks off, delivering information about your service or product in a way that entices them to read more. This content is also loved by the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. (This is called “Content Marketing”)

We do this SEO for clients across West-central Ohio. Many have seen almost instant success!

Think about it – what better money could you spend for your businesses website than to double or triple traffic to it?

Another nice bonus is that we’re local and can have a sit-down with you to discuss your internet marketing needs.

So if you’re located in Lima, Ohio or the surrounding region and you want better search engine rankings, don’t wait – talk to us today!

We’d love to opportunity to help you out.