Simplifying your life is about much more than the physical stuff that clutters your space.

Simplifying your life is about ALL the crap you don’t need.

A new car. That huge cable TV or dish package that costs over a hundred bucks. Your subscription to that magazine you hardly ever read. The annual dues you pay to the gym that you go to for a month out of the year (if that).

There’s all this stuff in our lives that we pay for that we simply DON’T NEED.

And worse than not needing it is that it actually makes our lives tougher and more stressful.

If you could never have a car payment again, wouldn’t that reduce your stress? And you’d have a lot more money to put towards other stuff.

Less stuff = more zen!

Less stuff = more zen!

What if you didn’t have that cable bill? Would you really miss those shows? Maybe you’d find time for other hobbies you always wanted to try. (And you could find other ways to see those shows too!) And you’d have more money to pay off other debt or use in a way that really helps your life out.

Once you start to get rid of crap that doesn’t matter … a funny thing happens. You start to breathe easier. You start to do more of the stuff that really makes you feel alive. And you start to have more funds available to do that stuff!

Stuff can be a burden. Stuff can cause debt which ends up leading to more stress. Stuff keeps us rooted where we are and stuck in the moment. Stuff prevents us from living truly awesome lives.

So why not get rid of that stuff and simplify our lives?


Are you with us?

How will you get started and what will be the first things you get rid of? What is your “simplify your life” story? Leave your story in the comments for everyone to benefit from!