SEO is inbound marketing

Would you like more sales?

(I’ve not yet had anyone answer “no” that that question!)

Do you want 5x more sales?

More leads? More traffic to your website?

That’s why you might want SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

We offer SEO services to businesses big and small in Lima, Ohio and the surrounding area. The problem is that most people don’t know what SEO is, and even if you explain it to them they don’t know how badly their company could benefit from it!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But that doesn’t really describe anything.

SEO is the act of getting your website listed higher in the search rankings.

This brings in much more traffic, as naturally, people are more likely to click the higher results than those on the bottom or on subsequent pages.

There are many ways to do this, but we focus on making a great website that’s built in a way that the search engines love.

Secondly we create killer content that compels your site’s visitors as well as is loved by search engines.

SEO - We don't do ritual sacrifices

We have not done any ritual sacrifices for any SEO campaigns, although we’re open to it.

Inbound Marketing” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Yes, this is great and part of what we do, i.e. we focus on creating awesome content rather than trying to “hack” things and do slimey blackhat linkbuilding tactics.

Everything we do is 100% legal and “white hat”; in other words our tactics are above board with Google and Bing and are not anything that would ever get your site delisted. (Which actually *can* happen if you use disreputable SEO companies.)

We use a holistic approach that that addresses your entire Internet marketing campaign. This can include social media, ad buying, blogging, revamping a website for optimal flow, and more.

Of course, while we focus on Lima, Ohio and surrounding towns like Wapakoneta, Celina, St. Marys, Sidney, and so forth, you can really be anywhere to benefit from our SEO services.

In the bigger cities there’s certainly much more competition. To be ranked #1 for “web design” in a city like Chicago will take a hell of a lot more resources than it would in Lima.

Goldilocks Bears - My search terms are just right

Not all search terms or results are created equal! We use in-depth keyword research to make sure your SEO campaign is headed for success.

We look at the keywords you’d like to rank for but take it a step further. We look to see what you should be ranking for. What are your customers searching for? What are the juiciest keywords to target? Which ones get the most bang for the buck? Sometimes it’s like drilling for oil – you strike upon a geyser and get a huge flow of traffic for those keyword phrases!

SEO is seriously the #1 thing you can and should be doing for your business. It’s cheaper than any form of advertising! It pays dividends for years into the future! Unlike with a billboard, TV or newspaper ad, Groupon or most other forms of advertising, the work done by your SEO campaign will always be out there on the Internet!

An article that’s posted today and gets tons of traffic will still be out there in a year, 2 years, even 5 years, 10 years …. with the possibility of pulling in potential customers the entire time.

That’s what we aim for: to create compelling, keyword-rich content across multiple platforms that drives engaged users to specific actions that you want them to take.

Send candy to bribe Google engineers

We have NEVER sent candy to Google engineers as a form of bribe. At least that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Whether you want to sell more product, increase the number of people coming to your seminars, drive more people to get into your restaurant, or to promote your cause – Search Engine Optimization should be the number one tool in your arsenal!

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