You may have heard of them – you can get your own short URL for your Facebook page, for instance:

As you can see this is a lot better than the default long URL you get, like:

People can remember it, type it more easily and it just plain looks nicer!

Here’s how you get your own Facebook short URL:

First, your page has to have at least 25 likes. Once you have a community/following started, log in to Facebook and go to your page.

Go to Edit Page and then click Update Page Info.

By Page Address, click on Enter a Facebook web address, or click Edit (either will work)

It will say, “Create a web address for this page?” – click on that.

You might see the following: “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.” If so, just switch to using Facebook as yourself rather than the page – click on “Continue As [Your Name]

Now you’ll get to where you can actually set your page name:

Each Page can have a username

Easily direct someone to your Page by setting a username for it. After you set your username, you may only change it once.

Now, you’re fairly limited in what characters you can use for your page URL – you can only use letters, numbers and periods (periods can be used to separate text). On top of that, tons of other people have probably snagged all the good, short names.

You could go with a short name to brand yourself, something like

But even better is to add a few SEO keywords, like

Or maybe something like

Basically just add some informative keywords that you’d also like to rank for.

The SEO keywords will help a little bit plus it helps people to be able to see more of what you’re about/where you’re located.

So go get your Facebook Vanity URL!