Webcore has rebranded!

That’s right… WebCore Internet Solutions is now… (drum roll please)


Wait what?

What a huge deal, right?

Ah well, sometimes you have to make yourself sound big when you’re small. At least I heard that somewhere. Just like how you should make yourself sound small when you’re big.

The new webcore logo.

The new webcore logo.

I can remember when I first started Webcore. After a long career in web development, I quit my job strike out on my own. I can remember my last day on the job: Friday, September 13th 2013. I thought it was auspicious, but in a good way.

I didn’t have any clients and I didn’t know what I was going to do. No clue. I had paid off all my debt and amassed $20,000. This was a HUGE amount for me at the time but it didn’t feel like enough. It probably never would have felt like enough money.

But I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I was starting to have panic attacks and I wasn’t sure why. I’m pretty sure now that it was because I wasn’t doing what I needed to be doing. I think the panic attacks were a sign that I wasn’t living my dreams. I had to be out on my own, figuring stuff out.

I might succeed, I might fail, but I had to try.

So I started up a company and threw a website together. I wasn’t sure what the company was going to be exactly. I did the best I could. I was way into SEO at the time and I thought that should be the main selling point.

I focused on that, wrote up some text and called it a website.

Turns out, you need a website less than you might think. What you really need is people in the real world that you talk to. Talking to people is probably the best way to start. Word of mouth is still the best way to get clients.

The company’s official name legally was (and still is) Jonahan Web Enterprises, LLC. But the website became WebCore Internet Solutions. I was doing business as Webcore.

So why did I capitalize the “Core” of Webcore?

Well it seems really silly now, but it made sense at the time to emphasize the “Core”. WebCore would be the CORE of your web marketing. The core of all your Internet needs.

I still love the name, but a word with a capital letter in the middle of it seems kinds of dumb. (Although both WordPress and WooCommerce have capital letters inside them and it seems to be working for them.)

Also, the “Internet Solutions” has been dropped from our name. That also seems silly now. *Everything* is about the internet. It’s a web company so why be redundant? Besides, “Internet Solutions” seems so damn generic. I wanted to simplify things.

So, “Webcore” it is.

If you need some help online, be it with internet marketing, web development, ecommerce or more, let us know.

Even better if you’re in Ohio or near the Wapakoneta area. We love to meet people and work with them. Facetime and Skype are great, but there’s really nothing that can beat the personal experience. If you think, we can help, holler at us.

And don’t forget: life is short. Have fun while you’re here on this planet. It’s not all about working until we retire!